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Washing the House Exterior: 6 Reasons You Need To Do It

Washing your home’s exterior often takes a back step when thinking about renovations and decor changes. People spend most of their time indoors and focus on cleaning and decorating the insides of their homes, as the exteriors look relatively clean. It also feels like an added expense when you are on a budget. However, you may not realize the several benefits of washing your home’s exterior, which definitely makes the costs worth it. 

Here’s why you should wash your home’s exterior

Helps prevent damage to your home

Your home protects you against sunlight, rain, pollutants, chemicals, and everything else in the atmosphere. However, your home’s exterior takes a hit during that process and gets damaged over time. The dirt, chemical, and moisture build-up can damage the paintwork and create a space for mold to grow. 

Pressure washing your exterior removes any chemicals stains and mold build-up on the paint. 

Saves money

Homeowners often avoid pressure washing their homes because of the added costs. However, on giving it a thought, you might realize that refinishing and repairing your home costs way more than pressure washing it. A clean home requires less maintenance, and washing also helps the paint job last for years. 

Preps your home exterior for refinishing 

In order to repaint your house, you need to remove the old paint, dirt, and oil from the walls beforehand. Else, the new paint won’t stick. By pressure washing, you clean the exterior of your home correctly and make it ready for repainting. Removing the old paint by hand takes more time and is less effective than pressure washing. 

Pressure washing also removes minute particles that remain even after manually cleaning the walls with your hands. 

Removes health hazards

Dust, mold, and mildew look bad enough in or around your home, but there is more to it. These contaminants can cause serious health issues, such as allergies, breathing problems, and infections. Mold is sometimes known to cause cancers, so letting these contaminants build up in your home and exposing yourself and your family member puts everyone’s health and safety at risk. Pressure washing can help you keep your family safe by removing these contaminants. 

It is environment-friendly

Unlike other cleaning activities that use detergents and cleaners containing harsh chemicals that can harm the environment, pressure washing only uses a forceful jet of water to clean your walls and other surfaces. The dirt washes away just with the pressure of the water, so there are no harsh chemicals that can go into the drain and contaminate the water and soil. 

Hence, by opting for pressure washing, you can clean your home without damaging the environment. 

Provides preventive maintenance

The chemicals and pollutants can eat away the paint and sidings of your house with time. Pressure washing your home annually or once in two years helps you maintain the paint and siding of your home for longer durations. 

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